Tilly the wind turbine

TurbineIn June 2011, the community wind turbine was finally commissioned, marking the end of 5 years of planning. The project is the first wholly community-owned, built, financed and operated wind turbine on the Scottish mainland.

The Udny wind turbine project was started in 2006, the aim was to help the local community to be more enterprising and self-reliant by creating a £2m trust fund. The money would be used to develop footpaths, improve the energy efficiency of local buildings and help run the Local "PUT" composting scheme.

The turbine a German built Enercon E48/800, named "Tilly" by the local school children, is capable of generating 800Kw of power with its 48 Meter diameter rotors or 2GWh per year. This would be enough to power 60% of local homes.
The Turbine will be one of the first in the UK to benefit from the feed-in-tariffs, with the power being sold back to the national grid, via SmartestEnergy.