Local Features

Stone mound

At the SouthEast entrance to Pitmedden on the B999 lies the, locally known, "Grannie's Steppies" a small pile of stones.

It's thought that they may have once formed part of a stone circle that was suituated on the fields behind, a favourable south/south west facing slope. A 1826 map shows a "burial mount" on the slope, semi-confirming the idea.

Other claim that they may have formed stepping stones over the local burn.


Slightly further along the road, stand the site of a "the Auld Nursies well", a small roadside well or spring.

This well was the source of water for the set of now gone, cottages that stood nearby. The well was constructed in the 18th Century by the local land owner, as part of improvements to the area. The well was used by passing people to water their horses, and later their replacements the traction engines.